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Sims 4 Challenges – 5 Best Sims 4 Mods

We all know how amazing the Sims 4 game is. With a huge player base and a great community, it is one of the best life-simulator games. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best Sims 4 challenges. These challenges spice up our Sims 4 experience without them the normal gameplay will start to feel boring. The huge sims community keeps coming up with these Sims 4 mods and challenges that challenge you to complete certain tasks in the given period of time. So, let’s have a look at the top 5 best sims 4 challenges.

Wolf Pack Challenge

Spend your life on an island with six dogs and a raccoon (an evil one). You have to create a sim. This sim will have to spend his time on a deserted island with six dogs and a raccoon. You will earn money by hunting and by doing other tasks life fishing, gardening. Your goal will be to make a house worth 50,000 simoleons. But here comes the twist, you will have to do all of this before the raccoon dies. Also, the raccoon will keep making things difficult for you.

The Legacy Challenge

It is one of the classics and people still love this challenge. You have to make a sim and take them to the biggest empty slot. Your sim with start with a balance of $10000. Your sim (the founder) has to earn a lot of money, build a house and have to reproduce in order to carry on with the other generations. Play this challenge for 10 generations.

sims 4 challenges

The Asylum Challenge

You may have guessed that this is going to be a little crazy challenge. All you have to do is create 8 sims having the insane trait. Other traits can be randomized but make sure that no sim has the self-assured trait. Then you have to choose one of the sims and make him/her complete all his/her aspirations after which they will be able to leave the asylum.

Accidental Time Traveller

You accidentally time traveled into the future. Now you have to survive. You start on a 30×20 slot. The babies in the first generation are not born in the hospital (you don’t have IDs). You have to live through 5 more generations in order to complete the challenge. Also, you can not cheat or restart an event in this challenge.

The Apocalypse Challenge

Due to a nuclear war, Simtopia is reached its end. Somehow you have survived the nuclear attack. Your goal now is to survive till you die naturally. If you die of anything else other than your natural death then you lose. You also cannot leave the lot and you will be provided only basic necessities.


So, that’s top 5 sims 4 challenges that you should give a try. One thing is for sure the Sims 4 community is amazing and will keep providing us with such amazing challenges. Comment below to tell us about more such amazing challenges. Share this post with your friends too. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below. Check out other posts by us.

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