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If you are a mobile gamer then you must have heard about the golf simulator game called golf clash. In this post, we are going to review this game. We are also going to tell you about some Golf Clash Tips that will help you in becoming a better player in this game. We would like to thank www.tipotrickz.com for providing us these Golf Clash tips.


The look and the feel of this game are pretty good you can feel this as soon as you open the game. After that, the game asks you to link your social accounts with the game. I will advise you to link it as you will get an extra chest just for linking your account. Then, the game will teach you the basics of how to play this game. You will be taught about basic controls and in-game currencies and how to utilize them.

golf clash tips

The match is held between two players. The first one to send the ball into the hole will be the winner. You get to decide the strength of your shot and additional things like the spin of the ball, trajectory of the shot etc. You have to hit the perfect timing in order to get most out of your shot.

This game is really addictive and a great time-killer. You can spend hours playing this without even being aware of it. I would like to give gameplay of this game 4 out of 5 stars.

Graphics and Visuals

The two things that make your eyes stick to this game are the graphics and visuals of this game. I have to say the developers have really worked hard on making this game look really cool. The graphics, visuals, and animations of this game are pretty amazing. You can’t move your eyes off from this game. I would like to rate the graphics of this game 4/5.

So, the overall rating of this game will be 4/5. You should definitely give this game a try.

Now, it’s time for some golf clash tips and tricks.

golf clash tips

Golf Clash tips and tricks

  1. Learn to time perfectly: – Timing is crucial you need to time your shots perfectly in order to get the most out of your shot. To achieve perfect timing, think about leaving the ball just a moment before the marker strikes the perfect mark. Your brain takes some time to react so you will leave the ball only when the marker will hit perfect point.
  2. Participate in tours: – By participating in tours you get to win trophies. Lots of trophies mean lots of chests. That’s why it is vital to complete tours. You can earn a specific amount of trophies from a tour but once you earn them you can’t earn them again by completing the tour again.
  3. Watch ads: – In your free time you can start watching ads and can earn a lot of coins for doing absolutely nothing. Easy, isn’t it?
  4. Learn about spins: – Lots of people ignore spins and slices but they are some of the really crucial skills to learn in this game. Trust me, spins and slices are going to make your journey to scoring a hole in one a lot easier.
  5. Stay with like-minded people: – Join a Reddit community or some forums to stay updated about new golf clash tips and tricks. Trust me, you will get to learn a lot from these communities.

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