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Everwing tips, tricks and strategies for winning

Hello gamers! Today we are going to talk about one of the most played games on facebook. Yes, we are talking about Everwing. It is famous among many gamers online and is one of the most played games on facebook. It is really addictive and can make you spend hours of your time. So, today we are going to talk about some of the best Everwing tips and tricks! In this post we will be about the best strategies and playing style you need to develop in order to become a great everwing player and to hit the highest score one has ever made.

Everwing tips and tricks

Lower down your graphics: – If your game lags a lot and stutters in between the gameplay then go to settings and lower down the graphics. This will make a lot of difference in your gameplay and you will find playing this game a lot easier than before.

Unlock the fairies asap: – I have seen many players upgrading their favorite fairies to the top level. This is a good idea but a short-sighted one. If you unlock all the fairies you will be able to send them on quests which will bring you more coins and gems.

Try unlocking Lily: – Unlock Lily as soon as possible as it is a fairy which can double the coins that you have won in the match. Once you unlock lily you can easily and quickly unlock other fairies.

Save up for sophia: – You can also save your coins for unlocking sophia as she can complete a 24 hours quest in just 12 hours bringing you more coins and resources quickly.

Killing the bunny monster: – Instead of going for the bunny boss and trying to kill him directly, go for the small monsters he splits into. This will get you more coins easily. Also try to kill him completely when he is near you so that you can easily catch the coins and other loot.

When to sell your dragons: – Leveling up your dragons to level 29 and not till 30 is a good idea. The reason is that if you sell them at level 29 you will get a lot of coins but if you sell them at level 30 you will get only few trophies. As the main currency in the game is coins so you should focus on getting more coins.

So, these were some of the tips and tricks that will definitely make you improve in the game.

everwing tips and tricks

The Everwing Hack and Cheats

Most of the hack and cheat tools that you see on the Internet are fake. They make you complete surveys and the owner of the site gets paid. All the Everwing coins generators and hacks are fake and you should try to remain away from them. Although there is a legit hack that you can exploit by making some changes in the source code of the game. Click on the link provided above to know more about it. So, that’s it we told you about some of the best everwing tips and tricks and hacks. Stay tuned for more. Thanks!




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